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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Meet Woopy!

His motto is "unity is strength", and Woopy is the living proof of this, being made up of four different animals. He lives in the Australian desert and at first is feared by all. When a flood threatens the existence of all animals, he will be able to bring them to safety, demonstrating that by remaining united, we can overcome any challenge. Once they are friends, he will make them understand that we are all different, yet equal at the same time.

Woopy is the first adventure of many special creatures coming from another galaxy: the UNIMALS!


About The Unimals

The UNIMALS are animals, just a little strange.

It is thought they belong to a species that have almost gone extinct or perhaps never existed. Some say that they come from another galaxy…


At first glance, the UNIMALS may seem like monsters. A patchwork of many different animals, yet living in perfect harmony in one body. 


The UNIMALS have come to tell us how important it is to understand and accept these different "animals" that are whitin each one of us. After all, they are very much like us, with our differences in character and our uniqueness. 


They are on a mission to teach us that the primary way to success and overcoming obstacles is to accept our inner self and that of others, along with all their differences. The UNIMALS essentially remind us that only by living together in harmony, we can truly succeed. 


A message of hope for all, in an increasingly selfish and solitary world. 


It can feel that for many becoming an adult means to lose the easy fluidity so often found in children. In children's books, this is often revealed in a dramatic way, they almost always speak a mellifluous and unbearable language that any child can sense miles away. Woopy is a different story, being borne by a child that has not yet had insight to what it is to become an adult. It blends all that appeals to children: magic, beauty, paradox and a message of hope and salvation. The stories will draw in and capture any child’s imagination in their relatable adventures.

Nicola Settembrino

Woopy è un bellissimo libro illustrato per bambini in età pre-scolare, che racconta la storia di un animale davvero speciale. E’ una strana e simpatica creatura che vive nel deserto australiano.

Un animale singolare: ha la testa di rinoceronte, le ali d’aquila, il corpo di canguro e una lunga coda di serpente.

E, proprio a causa delle sue sembianze molto diverse da quelle degli altri animali, ha difficoltà ad essere accettato.

Ma, grazie al suo altruismo...